Why Listing Photos Matter

Why Listing Photos Matter in Chattanooga

Seeing is believing. This is probably one of the truest things in the world of real estate, especially in the Chattanooga real estate communities. When there was no internet, the buyer would usually go through some stress to physically assess a home. An agent would find a listing for a house in his real estate book and fax the address to the buyer. After this, the buyer would have to personally drive to the location to look at the house.

However, times have changed as we are now in the digital age. The first impression buyers usually get of properties these days is from the photos in the GCAR MLS. They will receive listings automatically in an email from their real estate agent in the Greater Chattanooga area or the pictures in an online listing. Therefore, any seller with Chattanooga homes for sale in or around Chattanooga must never overlook it as it is very important. Some real estate agents might want to avoid using it but this usually ends in disasters. As a result of this, we try to highlight why listing their properties online is a must-do. These are the things that everybody should know.

Listing Photos for Chattanooga Homes

It shows you really care
Listing your photos online and in good quality images says a lot about your attitude as a seller to your buyer. It shows how you care about your property. If prospective buyers see this, they will be encouraged to buy from you. It is the same thing if you are just trying to rent out your apartment. When tenants see your attitude to the property as positive, they will be more likely to rent from you. Since an above average property listing shows you care about the house, it can help prospective home buyers feel that same pride as well.

Makes clients easily weigh their options
There are lots of sellers around with properties and homes for sale in Chattanooga. Therefore, the customers have so many options that they can consider. As a result of this, they cannot afford to waste time looking at properties that don’t have images. They need to compare all the available properties so as to know the one that is best for them. Thus, they will move on quickly if the photos do not reflect well on a property. Reviewing all the options will cost them a lot of time and this is why you need to use good photos for the listing. Similarly, even if you have lots of properties up for sale or rent, a good listing will help your clients to decide on which of your properties to go for.

It puts you ahead of the competition
The competition is tough. There are so many homeowners trying to rent out or sell their properties. A proper listing of their photos will go a long way in making you stand out among your competitors. As such, endeavor to always use only high-resolution photos for your listings. Moreover, avoid taking photos of your properties with your smartphone for listing irrespective of how good the image quality may be. This is because even if those images appear clear on your phone, they might not come out how you want them to on the online listing. As such, it is advisable to always use a digital camera to take amazing digital images of your listing. Better still, hire a professional real estate photographer to help you capture your properties.

You can reach a wider audience
We are in a technological age where you can buy almost anything online. People from the farthest points on earth can buy things from almost any place. Therefore, a good internet listing of the photos of your properties means you can reach more people on the planet.

The statistics speak for it
Even if you doubt the veracity of all the analysis we have provided, you definitely cannot deny what the statistics say. According to information gleaned from realtor.com, more than 90% of potential buyers are online looking for properties of their choice. In the same vein, the National Association of Realtors released a report in 2016 that states 51% of homeowners discovered their homes on the internet listing rather than through a real estate agent, friend or even relative.

One thing is certain, the percent will only move higher every year because of the enormous benefits listing offers to buyers. Therefore, if you are a homeowner intending to sell or rent out a house, you should hire a real estate agent in Chattanooga to attract clients to your property. You should also let the real estate agent invest in high-quality listing photos for your property.