Walnut Street Bridge

After experiencing difficulties with the movement of pedestrians and motorists, Walnut Street Bridge was constructed in 1890. It was built to ensure that people can enjoy commute between North Chattanooga and downtown Chattanooga, TN. During the time, lots of people that were working south of the river couldn’t easily access their workplace. Hence, there was a need for a bridge that could connect the two areas. When this bridge was finally built, it improved the value of real estate properties, homes, economic life and other things around Chattanooga and its environs.

It is noteworthy that this bridge was once considered to be too deteriorated to be used by motorists at a time. In the 1980s, the city wanted to demolish it; however, there was no fund to carry out the plan. Less than 10 years later, it became one of the National Register of Historic Places and this changed its fortune forever. It was renovated and opened again for use in 1993 and this transformed it into one of the leading Chattanooga attractions.

It was popularly regarded as the Tennessee River’s first non-military bridge.  The significance of this bridge today has gone beyond commuting as it serves as a Chattanooga attraction that many individuals have come to see. At this attraction, you can still see a substantial height of stone piers that lift up the roadway so that it stays above the water. Walnut Street Bridge also offers some interesting perspectives to the engineering and economic history of Chattanooga and other areas within its environment.

Walnut Street Bridge also provides some form of history into racial injustice in the country as a few thought-provoking events took place here. The main events were related to the lynching of two black men, Alfred Blount and Ed Johnson, for being allegedly violent towards a white woman. Although these events took place in the late 1800s and 1900s, they are still often talked about today. So, these are just a few of things you can learn if you visit Walnut Street Bridge with a tour guide.

With a length of 2,376 feet, this bridge is an ideal place for anyone that wants to stroll, bike, hike or run lightly as they appreciate the wonderful work of those that built this bridge several years ago. If you are in Chattanooga, your list of the best local attractions should include this amazing bridge. Whether you are visiting the place alone or with friends and family, you are guaranteed maximum adventure as you tour or sightsee at the Walnut Street Bridge.

Add more fun to your visit by participating in the tons of events that are held here regularly. Wine over Water is perhaps the biggest event that you should not miss. This paid event is all about tasting wine while still dancing to lovely tunes from different bands and musicians. The Riverbend Festival and the Seven Bridges Marathon are two other events that you may want to attend.