Tips for Relocating to Chattanooga

Tips to Make Your Relocation Easier

Relocation has always been a daunting task for everyone.  Whether you are moving short or long distances, the time-consuming preparation, stress, and rigorous activities are unavoidable.  These factors often discourage a lot of people from getting started.  What if it were easier for you to relocate?  Well, this post will give you some amazing tips that will make relocation easier.

  1. Plan ahead of the move

Like they say, failing to plan is planning to fail.  You need to schedule the things you need to do before the day of the relocation.  Don’t assume that you still have a lot of days or weeks before the relocation.  Start planning about 4 to 8 weeks before the eventual move.  Your schedule should take into consideration the period you have before the move.  Also, consider how long it will take you to pack your belongings, the things you need to move, and the individuals that will help you relocate.

If you are relocating with kids, your plan should involve making them aware of the impending relocation.  You can explain the reason for relocation to them so that it will not seem like a sudden event to them.  Also, plan for their schools in the new place you are moving to.  If possible, show them the pictures of the new home, neighborhood, and school.  Remember that they may have to leave their friends, teachers and other loved ones behind.  So, make it easy for them.

  1. Only move the items that you will need

Many individuals are fond of moving all items in their house; hence, they sometimes end up filling their new home with items that they do not need.  Don’t make relocation harder for yourself by moving unwanted items.  Old clothes, shoes, and unused electronics are some of the most common items people take to new places even if they are not needed.  You should consider donating to charity and other people that you think may need those items.  With this, you will not waste time and effort on moving unwanted things.

  1. Get all the tools you need for packing your belongings

Of course, you cannot pack your belongings without getting the right tools.  So, find all the important tools you need before you start packing. A few of them include:

  • Boxes – these should come in different sizes. This ensures they can contain different items that you are moving to.
  • Sticker labels
  • Tapes
  • Colored markers
  • Bubble-wrap
  1. Start packing in advance

Waiting till the last minute to start packing your belongings increases the chances of forgetting certain items.  So, you should start packing in advance.  Another benefit of packing in advance is that it reduces the stress involved in packing.  It enables you to pack things in batches.  You can start by packing items you don’t use every day.  Then, pack the ones you use regularly towards the day of the relocation.  If the packing is done in advance and over time, it will look like an easy task for you.

  1. Hire professional movers

When it comes to relocation, the need for professional movers can never be overemphasized.  A high-quality moving team understands the rudiments of moving.  Similarly, it will do everything possible to ensure they move your belongings without any issues.  Professionals alleviate the stress that you will go through due to relocation.  They are also known to help people secure their belongings during the movement.  Besides, most professional moving companies offer loading and unloading services.

While many professional movers provide great and reliable services, you need to avoid falling into the hands of the wrong ones.  So, make sure you verify the authenticity of any moving company before hiring them.  You can talk to your Chattanooga real estate agent to get any recommendations on hiring the services of a professional mover.  Before hiring anybody, make sure that you check their review.  This helps you learn about the experiences of their previous customers.

Overall, ensure that you get in touch with a professional moving company on time.  This will make sure that you can book an appointment ahead of your relocation.

  1. Label all your items by categories and rooms they belong

In many instances, people are more concerned about packing all their belongings and getting to their new locations without much hassle.  However, the way they will pack their items will make it difficult for them to unpack in the new place.  Don’t make such a mistake.  You must get it right by labeling all items.  Use categories and rooms for labeling them.  With the labeling, you can easily move each box to the right place it belongs and unpacks it.

  1. Protect your belongings

Although insuring your belongings is great, you will still do yourself lots of good by protecting your belongings.  Protective pads or stretch straps can help you safeguard your furniture.  Shrink wrap or blanket, on the hand, can go a long way in protecting your TV against any damages.  Overall, make sure the items are well-protected.  With this, you don’t have to deal with any issues after the relocation.

  1. Keep all breakable items in the separate box

Breakable items deserve special care and, as such, you must keep them in a special box.  Teacups, pint glasses, and other breakable items must be protected.  By keeping them in a separate box, you will be easier for you to monitor them and prevent them from breaking.

  1. Select the right van size

Choosing the right vehicle can make a major difference in the safety of your belongings.  If you pick a smaller van, your belongings will be forced into a small place; hence, some of them may crack or break.  A smaller van may even force the moving company to make avoidable multiple trips.  A bigger van, on the other hand, can make your items to move around in the van and probably become damaged.  Explain you are moving to the professional movers so that they can help you determine the most suitable van size for your belongings.

In a nutshell, if you are truly committed to making relocation easier, follow the tips listed above.