Staging Home on a Budget

How to Stage Your Home on a Budget

To be truthful, staging a Chattanooga TN home can cost a lot of money. This is often because you may have to install, replace or repair some items. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot stage your home if your budget is tight. As long as you are ready to work with what you have, you can still stage on a budget.

We are here to help you. This article will teach you the basics of staging on a budget.


Boost the curb appeal

Even before coming into the house, buyers should already have an interest in it. And this is where the curb appeal plays a key role. The curb appeal refers to how appealing the exterior of a building is. Without a doubt, it is an essential factor for numerous buyers. So, you don’t want to take chances with this.

Do the following to increase the curb appeal of your home:

  • Water and mow the garden from time to time.
  • Get rid of the weeds around your home.
  • Paint the front door with some bright, eye-catching colors that can make the house stand out.
  • Pressure wash the patios. Do the same thing for the sides of the house too.
  • Beautify the driveway and walkway with amazing plants. Artificial plants can come in handy too.
  • Create a warm and friendly aura with a wreath and mat.
  • Is the trim paint peeling off? If yes, repaint only the trim and leave other parts of the exteriors.
  • If any tree branches are coming close to your house, trim them.
  • Clean the gutters to make the exteriors look better.


Make the home smell better

You don’t want to piss off interested home buyers with the horrible smell of cigarettes or pets. So, you need to make your home smell better. A good smell will make the buyers feel comfortable and at home. Such a feeling can be instrumental in making them fall in love with the house. Fortunately, this will cost you only a few dollars. Nevertheless, avoid overdoing it. Don’t make your home smell like a shrine filled with incenses.


Use furniture slipcover

Total furniture replacement or repair is good for home staging. Of course, you can rent the furniture to reduce the cost. But, this will still have a significant impact on your budget. So, what is a good alternative to this? Slipcovers are the best and cheapest alternatives. A slipcover is a cloth-made protective cover that you can use to cover your furniture. It is usually fitted. Hence, people will hardly know it is not the original cover of the furniture. It can give your furniture a new look without costing you an arm and a leg. Besides, you can slip it off the furniture whenever you want.


Rearrange the furniture

If you have extra furniture pieces in your living room or bedroom, this is the time to rearrange or remove it. Here, the main target is to make the house look more spacious. This allows a free flow of traffic around the place. Besides, it makes the space look bigger and more beautiful. Keep the furniture in the garage till the staging is over.

You should do the same to your doilies and crocheted table runners. Similarly, take a look at the patio. Remove any furniture that is taking up the space. This lets the interested buyers see that you have a spacious patio.


Clean the windows, doors and glass fixtures

The windows and doors perform great roles in securing your home. But, they can also increase its appeal when they look clean and well-maintained. Therefore, you need to take care of the windows and doors. If you have other glass fixtures in the house, don’t forget to clean them too. You can wash these things yourself to cut down the cost of staging your home.


Fix the lights and fixtures

Replacing the lighting fixtures is often recommended for home staging. But, your budget makes this inadvisable for you. So, clean those lighting fixtures instead of replacing them. The glass part of the fixtures should be your main target. Don’t leave out any room. Therefore, don’t overlook the living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, entryway, etc. Again, don’t hire professionals; do it yourself. It requires some effort and time but it is cost-saving. Ensure safety by switching off the power source before you start the cleaning process.

Also, allow natural sunlight to come into your home. Open the window blinds and curtain to enable lights to come in. If you can afford them, additional lights and fixtures can be helpful too. There are lots of affordable options in the market today.


Decorate the space like a pro

Since you are on a budget, you need to do a lot of things yourself. The decoration is one of those things you can do on your own. You can use the available items to accentuate the look of your home. Place mirrors in your bedrooms and bathrooms for them to appear bigger. Position the furniture in the ideal spot, add plants to the rooms, and make the home look warm and welcoming.

Decorate in such a way that you will captivate the heart of the buyer right from the time they walk into your home. Don’t use anything too gender-specific, political, or religious for decor. Get inspirations online to decorate like a pro.


Focus on the small details

Staging is not just about the big things in your home. So, you shouldn’t focus only on the furniture and whatnot. Think about the things that look small and inconsequential but can change the mind of the buyers.  These small details include:

  • Remove the ugly pillows and use beautiful accent ones.
  • Add matching bed sets and pillowcases.
  • Display your fine cookbooks on the kitchen counter.
  • Place vases of attractive and blooming flowers in strategic areas.
  • Use matching bath linens.
  • Display books on your shelves. Alternatively, place books on the coffee table.



Now you can avoid spending thousands of dollars on staging your home. Take advantage of the tips above to stage your home without spending all your savings.