See Rock City

Would you like to get lost in the beauty of Mother Nature? If yes, Rock City is the perfect place for you to be. This Chattanooga attraction brings nature close to everyone as it serves as homes to several natural elements that will keep you amazed for a very long time. It is located on Lookout Mountain along with a handful of attractions that will make you take pleasure in your visit. Originally owned by Garnet and Frieda Carter, this attraction started operation in May 1932 but didn’t catch the attention of many people around the city. However, in 1935, the founders hired the services of a painter, Clark Byers, to paint different places with the line “See Rock City.” Luckily, this action changed the fortune of this wonderful attraction forever.

In the past years, there were claims that people could see real estate properties and homes in seven states from Lover’s Leap, which is one of the most amazing places to be in this attraction. Well, this is not entirely true because you cannot see most of the homes or any other identifiable structures of seven states from Rock City. However, you may be able to see mountains and the peak of other tall edifices.

Let’s talk more about how this attraction looks. Rock City has a staggering height of 1,700 feet above sea level and you can climb to the top if you want. This attraction has a long, convoluted trail that is decorated with several gardens. These gardens have innumerable plants and trees that are labeled to make it easy for you to identify them. While you are watching these plants and trees, don’t forget to appreciate the awesomeness of the special and unusual rock formations around this location. Pay special attention to Fat Man’s Squeeze and 1,000 short tons of Balanced Rock. Before leaving Rock City, take a short trip to the Mother Goose Village and the Fairyland Caverns that have several sculptures that react to black-light.

It also features a waterfall that rises as high as 100 feet below; hence, you can catch the perfect sight of this waterfall from the top of this special attraction that is found in Chattanooga, TN. Close to Rock City, there is the well-known Swing-A-Long Bridge which has a total length of approximately 200 feet.

Due to its aesthetic and magic, Rock City has not gone unnoticed by the media and pop culture and, as such, it has been featured a couple of times in movies, songs, and books. Some of them include the novel named “American Gods,” as well as music by Brad Alexander and Adam Mathias.

Notably, Rock City is open almost every day all year long with different exhibitions. But, you are likely going to enjoy this place most if you can visit during Christmas when Christmas lights will be displayed for almost two months. Known as “Enchanted Garden of Lights,” you can take part in several fun-filled events and shows during this period and share food and gifts with other people.

So, when you are in Chattanooga, don’t forget to See Rock City.