Ruby Falls

If you would like to see America’s deepest and tallest underground waterfall that can be accessed by the public, you should go over to Chattanooga to see Ruby Falls. The recorded story of this astounding waterfall began in 1928 when Leo Lambert stumbled on what he could not believe existed. He discovered that a spectacular waterfall has been in existence around the Lookout Mountain. Named after Leo Lambert’s wife, this waterfall was finally opened to the public in 1929 and has since become a breathtaking Chattanooga, TN attraction that you cannot help but see.

Today, Ruby Falls is one of the leading Chattanooga attractions found in downtown Chattanooga. With people coming from all parts of the world, this attraction is visited by more than 500,000 individuals every year. Going as deep as 1,120 feet below ground level, Ruby Falls has an elevator that travels about 26 stories down into the ground. You can go underground to check out the amazing elements around this wonderful waterfall.

Don’t shy away from looking at the ancient geological formations around the fall. Use the opportunity to know about how the cave came into being. As long as you are here at Ruby Falls, there is always something to learn and see. Also, discover the cavern trail and walk around it. To maximize your visit to Ruby Falls, join a guided tour so that you can explore some of the hidden places within this attraction. You can come along with your kids as this attraction is entirely safe and child-friendly. In fact, it is the perfect adventure for your family.

As one of the biggest and most exceptional attractions in the country, this attraction is the first one to be awarded by Green Globe for its dedication to cave conservation and environment sustainability in the United States of America. Ruby Falls is also well-referred for its commitment to tourism sustainability.

From Ruby Falls, you should make sure that you also take a look at other Chattanooga attractions. Go to the Village Plaza, Lookout Mountain Tower, and Blue Heron Overlook. The Tennessee Valley, as well as the spectacular Tennessee River, should not be missing on your list of some of the Chattanooga attractions you should see. Take your encounter to the next level by participating in the Aerial Adventure to climb a 40-floor tower that gives you a better view of the lovely Tennessee Valley, homes and other Greater Chattanooga real estate properties that are nearby.

Are you interested in seeing Ruby Falls? This attraction is always open every day from 8 am to 8 pm. The only day that you may not be able to access this place is Christmas. So, be mindful of this. You may also want to learn more about the unique events and tours that take place at Ruby Falls at different times of the year so that you can participate in some of them during your visit. In addition, Rock City and Lookout Mountain Incline Railway are other Chattanooga attractions close to Ruby Falls.