Retiring in Chattanooga

Is Chattanooga a good retirement location?

After working for years, retirement offers everyone a chance to have some rest. Based on its importance, retirement should never meet you unprepared. So, you need to take steps that can help you enjoy your retirement. Because of this, your retirement location should be one of the most essential factors. Fortunately, Chattanooga offers you a perfect place to retire.

There are numerous reasons why you should consider retiring in Chattanooga. Check out the reasons below:


Awesome location

Without a doubt, Chattanooga is a dream retirement location for many individuals. It is an impeccable place that offers everyone what they need to enjoy life. Since the climate is generally mild, you will have no problem staying here. Furthermore, this city is seated in an ideal place to live in. Hence, you can access most other top locations without much hassle. Nashville, Atlanta, and Birmingham are just a few of the cities around Chattanooga. Using Interstates, I-24, I-59, or I-75, you can travel easily to any of these cities. As an alternative, use the Chattanooga Airport to get anywhere you want.

Chattanooga Airport

On top of all these amazing things, Chattanooga is known as a mid-size city. Therefore, it is moderately cosmopolitan with tons of amenities. If you are coming from a big city, you will never miss out on anything by staying in Chattanooga. Overall, this city is the perfect place for anyone that wants to retire.


Affordable housing cost and type

When retiring, you need to think about the cost of housing. You don’t want to stay in a city where you have to spend your lifesaving on accommodation. And, this is one of the areas where retiring in Chattanooga is excellent. Compared to the national average, Chattanooga TN homes are more affordable. The median home price is around $150,000. This further contributes to the affordability of real estate in Chattanooga. In addition, the city takes care of recycling and garbage for you.

As a retiree, you may want to consider varying home options. Luckily, this lovely has lots of them. From single-family homes to condos and townhouses, Chattanooga has what you need. What’s more, there are houses in downtown or suburban areas of the city. The nearby Ringgold GA homes and Soddy Daisy TN real estate give you other affordable options.


Lower retiree tax rates

Of course, managing your income is more important at this stage than ever before. Thus, you should stay in a place with lower tax rates for retired residents. Well, Tennessee is one of the states that offer such an opportunity. Only one tax affects your income as a retiree. You don’t have to pay state property tax when staying in this city. Only your local government gets tax from you. This allows you to save money and have enough to spend on your health and other things. So, you can get more out of your retirement funds.


Healthcare cost

Aging comes with so many issues. And, health problems form major parts of the issues. As expected, health problems can come in varying ways. However, the most important thing is access to good healthcare package. When retiring in Chattanooga, you are in safe hands. Firstly, compared to the national average, healthcare cost in the state is relatively good. Unless there is a major health condition, the average healthcare cost in the state is less than $6,500. For the elderly, the cost is even lower.

Moreover, the hospitals in the city are excellent. Erlanger Medical Center and Memorial Hospital offer high-quality healthcare services. If you need geriatricians, the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville is a great option. With a two-hour drive, you can get to the hospital.


Eye-catching scenery

Want to retire in a place with the most amazing views? Don’t look beyond Chattanooga. Rated as one of the beautiful cities in the country, Chattanooga is the place to be. The breathtaking landscape features waterfalls with picturesque scenery. The mountains towering over the city are exceptional. Also, lakes are the ideal place for tons of activities.


Volunteering opportunities

As you grow older, volunteering is a nice way to spend your days. It does not only keep you engaged but it also makes you give back to the community. Here in Chattanooga, you can explore numerous volunteering opportunities. You can be a tutor about penguins at the Tennessee Aquarium. A trip to one of the local hospitals can be life-changing for some people. The Community Kitchen is cool if you want to help families.  Local universities are also great places to volunteer.

Tennessee Aquarium


Outdoor activities

For the elderly, outdoor activities contribute immensely to well-being. In this regard, Chattanooga has an edge over other areas you may consider for retirement. You can spend your day at Tennessee Aquarium and appreciate the beauty of nature. If you like music, the Songbirds Guitar Museum should be on your list. This museum has the largest number of privately owned vintage guitars on this planet. You can also attend tons of concerts that take place in the city every time. The Chattanooga Theater Center and the Tivoli Theater are must-visit places. Besides, you may want to participate in the Riverbend Festival.

Get active and go over to the TN Riverwalk. This 13-mile trail is the right place for you to walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can even meet other bicyclists, walkers, and runners around the place. Paddling at the river is also a great idea you may want to consider. Head over to Coolidge Park and take a stroll around the place. North Shore is another place you don’t want to miss for outdoor activities.

Coolidge Park Chattanooga


Fast-growing economy

Perchance you still want to stay active economically even when retired. If so, retiring in Chattanooga is great for you. The city doesn’t have the economical relevance of many bigger cities in the country. But, it offers enough to help you make a decent living in retirement. The fast-growing economy is perfect for retirees that want to make money in a thriving place.

In conclusion, Chattanooga has everything you can ever want in retirement. The scenery, location, amenities, housing, and cost of living are exceptional. So, make this city is your preferred retirement location now.