Homes for Heroes

Chattanooga Homes for Heroes

Homes for Heroes in the Greater Chattanooga area helps local heroes save money during every real estate transaction.  Whether you’re a law enforcement officer, firefighter, military personnel, healthcare professional, or a teacher, this program is my way of giving back to you.  However, I don’t just stop there!  This program extends out to others that work in the same department as the heroes mentioned above.

Due to my background, I am honored to be THE real estate agent for Homes for Heroes in and surrounding Chattanooga Tennessee and Northwest Georgia.  This program holds dear to my heart, and I will always fight to save our local heroes extra money (on average, approximately $2400 per transaction).

If you don’t qualify as one of the local heroes mentioned above, I still encourage you to contact me.  Allow me to show you what I can do for you.

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