Benefits of a Home Inspection

The feeling of purchasing a house is unique. In fact, it is possible for people to get lost in the excitement of buying a new house to the extent that they forget to carry out a thorough inspection of the home while under contract.  Therefore, by hiring a Chattanooga real estate agent, he/she will almost always keep track of all the things to do once you are under contract, such as the home inspection, for a successful closing.

This post comes quite handy so as not to make the same mistake by letting you know some of the biggest advantages of a home inspection, especially if you are in the city of Chattanooga. Without any doubt, carrying out a home inspection, either by yourself or through a professional inspector is necessary for anyone in search of homes for sale in Chattanooga.

Hiring a professional inspector

You can either do the inspection yourself or hire a professional inspector. The former is not in any way advisable as sentiments and lack of objectivity may cloud your assessment of the home. In addition, a professional inspector is well-trained and knows the right things to look for, the proper methods of inspection and is completely objective. As such, to carry out an inspection of a home, we recommend working with a professional.

What do I gain from a home inspection?

At this point, we will particularize our discussion towards the focal point of the post which is the perks that come with inspecting a home. However, we need to point out that home inspection is good for not only the buyer but also the seller. Therefore, we will discuss the benefits for the buyer on one hand, then for the seller on the other end.

Benefits to the buyer

It lets you know the true condition of the house

A home inspection lets you assess safety concerns, major defects as well as potential threats. A professional inspector would easily identify problems and also offer suggestions on how to deal with them. He can also identify if there are any code violations on the property which will help a buyer make an accurate and more informed decision. A buyer may believe they are buying a perfect house whereas trouble may be hiding under the drywall or any other place only to reveal itself later. Not even the best agents in Chattanooga can detect some of such defects except through inspection carried out by a professional.

It gives you bargaining power

Normally, when the home inspector finishes his job, he will give you a report. This report can give you more power when it comes to negotiating with your seller. If the house you are interested in is on the high side of your price range, the information gathered during the home inspection can be forwarded to your real estate agent in Chattanooga, and it may give him bargaining power to talk down the price on your behalf. The higher the flaws your inspector discovers, the more your chances of beating down the price.

It gives you confidence about the purchase

A good home inspection could be an indicator that you are making the right investment. Sometimes, it is the defining line between a terrible decision and a good one. Thus, if the report from the inspection is very positive, it will boost your confidence in the purchase.

It helps you weigh options

A professional home inspection report can help you weigh other available options. It will let you know if you would be better off purchasing a different property or even building your own home. A negative report means you can easily back out of the deal when it is still early.

It helps buyers to plan ahead

The benefits of a home inspection aren’t just for present circumstances. You can also use it to plan for the future. In fact, it is one the points that some well-reputed realtors┬« in Chattanooga, such as Keller Williams in Greater Downtown, use to convince both sellers and buyers to hire a professional home inspector. The amount they spend on inspection now may save them from costly repairs later on.

Benefits to the Seller

As we have stated above, pre-sale inspection is also very vital for the buyer. It is very common for some sellers to look over this when putting up homes for sale in Chattanooga, but only for them to later regret the decision. A few of these benefits for the buyer are:

It helps identify deficiencies

Just like with the buyer, deficiencies in a home to be sold are bad news for the seller and the only way to know some of these is through a comprehensive visual inspection of both inside and out of the property. In some cases, the report that the professional inspector gives to the seller will even include recommendations for repairs that will enhance the property’s marketability.

It sets the ideal asking price

As a seller, the inspector’s report may determine how much you will sell your property. For instance, the price may decrease if there are some particular challenges that come up when a buyer inspects the house. However, if the report is all positive, you could even increase the price.

It increases the confidence of the seller

When a house is well inspected before sale, it is not only the buyer that will feel more positive, your confidence as the person selling it will also be high. This is especially so if the report is positive or all the issues can be fixed within a reasonable budget and period of time.

In conclusion, whatever you do, please do not skip the home inspection. I highly encourage it in most cases. Have any questions about home inspection? Contact me today.