The Chattanooga Zoo

Covering a landmass of about 13-acres, the Chattanooga Zoo is strategically found in Warner Park in Chattanooga, TN. In 1937, the establishment of this zoo started with rhesus monkeys that were kept in two 4 feet by 6 feet cages. Over the years, several other animals have been added and the land has been expanded to transform it into what it is today. It is popularly referred to as the Best Little Zoo in America because of its relatively small size and spectacular exhibits. In recognition of its development, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums accredited this zoo in 1998.

At the moment, the Chattanooga Zoo is one of the biggest Chattanooga attractions for anyone that wants to explore what nature has to offer. It provides you with a perfect means to connect with animals and learn more about them. It has several exhibits that ensure that visitors can learn more about various animals from different parts of the globe. At Chattanooga Zoo, you don’t have to be bothered about dealing with crowds like in other zoos around the country. Walk around this one-of-a-kind zoo with your strollers or with your little ones strolling right behind or before you.

The Chattanooga Zoo has more than 500 animals from more than 200 varying species. From exotic animals to endangered ones, there is no end to the animals you can see in this zoo. Out of the all exhibits in this zoo, the Himalayan Passage is perhaps the biggest and most excellent one. This exhibit serves as the homes for red pandas. In fact, it has the largest number of these pandas you can find anywhere on this planet. The facility also once housed the Hanuman langurs, a François langur, white-cheeked gibbons as well as snow leopards.

While at the Chattanooga Zoo, see the animals at the Gombe Forest. This exhibit is the abode of some chimpanzees that were brought from Africa. Don’t forget to visit the Donovan Interpretive Center to see the indoor chimpanzees and other animals that are kept there. Then, stroll to the Corcovado Jungle to watch most of the awesome animals from Latin America. A few of the animals you can see here include spider monkeys, macaws, jaguars, and capybaras.

End your adventure at Walkin’ the Tracks which has been accommodating several animals from North America for many years. Be ready to see white-tailed deer, bobcats, as well as prairie dogs. If you want to see cougars, a train car takes them around for viewing by those that are interested. Other animals that you can see at the Chattanooga Zoo include different reptiles and camels.

If you want to visit the Chattanooga Zoo, it is found in downtown Chattanooga, TN. Apart from New Year’s Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving, this exceptional Chattanooga attraction can be accessed every day from 9 am to 5 pm. Overall, the Chattanooga Zoo is affordable because children’s admission fee is $7.95 while adults are charged $10.95 to explore it.