Chattanooga Zillow Zestimates

Zillow Zestimates in Chattanooga

To know the value of your Chattanooga TN home, Zillow Zestimates may come in handy. However, there are a couple of things that you should know about Zillow Zestimates in Chattanooga. This post will shed light on all these things.

Chattanooga Zillow Zestimate

What does Zillow Zestimate in Chattanooga mean?

Zillow Zestimate in Chattanooga refers to the estimated value of a home in Chattanooga. This market value is calculated based on an innovative formula that Zillow uses. This estimate relies on the data submitted by the public and an individual user. You should note that began operation in 2005. Nowadays, it is one of the well-known leaders in the industry. Zillow Zestimates can be useful in knowing how much your home is worth. Nevertheless, it is not the official appraisal of the value of your home. You should note that many buyers also rely on Zillow Zestimate.


Are Zillow Zestimates in Chattanooga always correct?

As stated earlier, Zillow Zestimate gives you an estimated value of your home. Therefore, you may want to know whether the estimates are always correct or not. Without mincing words, Zillow Zestimates in Chattanooga are not always correct. So, whether the website gives you an impressive figure or not, understand that the figure may not be right. Evidence has shown that Zillow Zestimates in Chattanooga are wrong in many cases.

There are tons of reasons that clearly show that Zillow Zestimates in Chattanooga can be incorrect. The major reasons are:

  • Inaccurate basic information ­

Sometimes, home sellers may provide inaccurate basic information. This may happen because of deliberate omissions or mistakes. Whatever the case is, the Zillow Zestimate for such a home will be incorrect.

  • Upgrades and special features not taken into consideration

Another problem with Zillow Zestimate for real estate in Chattanooga is that some upgrades or special features. In many situations, Zillow does not consider these extras. Hence, the estimated home value will be lower. However, when the upgrades and special features are accounted for, the home value increases. For instance, the type of vanities, light features, and flooring may increase home value; however, Zillow Zestimates may not consider these factors.

  • Omissions or mistakes in property tax records or sales prices

Sales prices and property tax records are also important in determining home values. If these elements are missing in the calculation, the real home value will be significantly different.

  • Alterations in the Zillow algorithm

Zillow algorithm changes from time to time. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine how it works. This also makes the Zillow Zestimate in Chattanooga to be unreliable in a few cases.

  • Housing turnover rate

What is the turnover rate of your home or other homes in your neighborhood? This factor can also affect the real value of your home. Since Zillow will not consider this, the actual home value will differ.

In addition to the above, there is one particular factor that you need to know. The value of a home is dependent on what a buyer is ready and willing to pay! In other words, your buyers will let you know the real value of your home.

Let’s assume that Zillow Zestimate tells you that a nearby Ringgold GA home is worth $500,000. That does not mean that anybody will be ready to buy your home for that value. All interested buyers might only want to pay about $250,000 to $300,000 after checking the home. Assuming nobody wants to pay the Zillow Zestimate after staying in the market for 1 year or more. Of course, you will realize your home is not worth the estimate.

Also, it is noteworthy that real estate in Chattanooga is dynamic. As such, several changes are happening in a short period. Therefore, Zillow and other home value estimating sites can hardly be accurate. So, you should bear this in mind when looking for home values.

Are you buying a home or selling it? You can use Zillow Zestimate to have an idea of the home value. However, you must not rely completely on it as the real market value may be different.


Challenges with Zillow selling commission

If you are depending on Zillow Zestimate in Chattanooga, you need to be aware of the commission. The selling commission is about 5 to 6% of the selling price of a home. For a $400,000 home, the commission is around $20,000. Are you willing to pay that much to sell your home? What happens when the value of the home runs into millions of dollars? These are all questions that homeowners need to ponder on when using Zillow.


How to increase your Zillow Zestimate

Sometimes, the Zillow Zestimate may be lower than what you think your home is worth. There are things you can do to boost the value. Basically, you will tweak a few things and get a value that is probably more accurate than the previous one.

To increase the Zillow Zestimate in Chattanooga, do the following:

  • Go to the official website of Zillow (
  • In the search bar, input the address of the house you want to get its value. This will help you find the house.
  • Tap “Owner Info”. Let them know you own the property.
  • Then tap “Review Facts”. Check the info you supplied before. Make sure that they are correct. If there is any mistake there, correct it and save the new changes. Besides, you may want to increase certain factors that can boost the value of your home under this section.
  • Once you have saved the changes, Zillow Zestimate for your home will change. Sometimes, the changes may be immediate. In other cases, it may take days or weeks to reflect.

In a nutshell, you can always use Zillow Zestimate to get a peep into what your home is worth. However, this is not an official value and don’t rely on it. Also, Zillow Zestimate may not be accurate for your home. This is mainly due to the reasons mentioned above. As a result of this, Zillow and other related sites cannot necessarily replace human inputs.